Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee is a body for supporting our Executive Board Members to facilitate our activity. This body may act on behalf of the Executive Board only when necessary (e.g., when the Executive Board Members are not selected by the General Meeting). It is composed of PhD holders, PhD Candidates and professionals who are interested in nuclear disarmament and arms controls. This body is to review blog posts written by our members. It will give a constructive and reasonable advice to improve the quality of their contributions.

The Advisory Committee members are in the following (Alphabetical Order):

Dr Daniel RietikerPresident (Association of Swiss Lawyers for Nuclear Disarmament); Co-President (International Association Of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms); Lecturer in International Law (University of Lausanne) International Law
Marzhan NurzhanPhD Candidate (University of Basel); Deputy Director (Basel Peace Office)Political Science
Dr. Tsubasa ShinoharaSecretary General (Association of Swiss Lawyers for Nuclear Disarmament); Founder (SAFNA Youth Forum)International Law